First Day
I worked with a group of photographers to create a gallery showcasing the first day of Spring classes.
Runge Trout Fishing
I confirmed access and assigned photographer Adam Runge to cover this fishing class.
COMO Mobile Aid
I made a final select and web longform for this photo story by Clayton Steward.
I worked with the Community Editor and beat reporters to coordinate coverage for this entire special section.
Symphony Students
I coordinated with a reporter and photographer Anna Griffin to work on this series of images.
Traci Martin Feature
I assigned photographer Anna Griffin to cover this event, toned the images, and made the print and web designs for this story.
Pride Rally
I assigned the photographer, Clayton Steward, to cover this rally and made the image selection for both web and print.
Low-Cost Clinic
I made the image selection and built the web longform for this photostory by Adam Runge.
Using Format